Solutions for Traveling with Pain

Pain can be something that is hard to deal with when you love to travel. It can disable you, and prevent you from doing many of the things you enjoy doing. It can also limit your family’s experience whilst traveling as they will not want to “leave you behind” on certain activities. Here are some solutions to keeping your pain in check while traveling.


There are many herbs that can alleviate and stop pain in its tracks. God has put every plant here on this earth for a reason. Tumeric is a good herb for inflamation. Inflammation is the source of many ailments and can lead to a destructive chain reaction of events in the body.¬† Kratom is known for killing pain as good as if not better than prescription pain pills. Cannabis. This herb is known worldwide for its pain killing effects. While potent and effective, archaic laws around the world prevent man from accessing a harmless plant and using it. Recently the US government legalized hemp in all 50 states. I personally use hemp as a legal, non-psychoactive alternative to marijuana. Here’s a review of the company I get my hemp from! It works great for my pain and anxiety!

Prescription Pills

Simply put, go to a doctor, and get treated. Take your pills with you wherever you go, and take them as prescribed.

Adjust Your Plans

This can be a complicated solution, but it makes it possible for everyone to be happy in the event a family member cannot enjoy all the aspects of a vacation.


All in all there are many ways to enjoy a vacation while hurting. You can take herbs, or pills, or compromise.